”The aftermath of Labour”

What people don’t tell you enough is the realities of becoming a new mum, when you’ve done it once you’re prepared for anything and I can imagine that the second time around you’d have a much better flow. After I gave birth to my daughter I was pretty out of it after all the gas […]

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ahhhh the whole you’re to protective over your child thing. Is in-fact a very funny thing, it’s strange because I always said Nicky was to protective over Rose, but since he’s been working away I feel an incredible weight on my shoulders to protect her from this ”evil” world we live in, it’s funny because […]


”Those Days”

ahhh, we’ve all been there as mums, having ‘one of those days’. Today I woke up (well my partner woke me up at 5am) and reminded me i’d ordered the food shop to be delivered by 7am, I mean, who does that, what if Rose was able to sleep in past 7 which never happens […]

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Introducing my family.

I am a new mummy to a beautiful 10 month old daughter, Rose. Recently engaged to my gorgeous fiance Nicky. Before we had our daughter we both loved life on the wild side of life … We decided after 2 months to move in with eachother, it was the day we rented our first home […]

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